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Documents – Moorestown:

Moorestown Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) –   The purpose of an Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) is to identify and describe the natural resources of a community.  Presented in a form that is useful to a broad audience, the ERI provides the basis for the development of methods and steps to preserve, conserve, and utilize those resources, although it does not include specific recommendations to those ends.  The Township Director of Community Development, Planning Board, Open Space Committee and Environmental Advisory Committee are among the individuals, boards, committees and organizations that depend on the information contained in this document for their decision making and planning. The ERI is a key component of the Township’s Master Plan.  Take some time and read this fascinating document.



Environmental Working Group

Discover a great tool for understanding what’s in your cosmetics, skin and hair care, and sunscreen.  Plus a whole lot more.


Farm to School Network

Think our schools should have access to fresh, local produce?  Review this site to learn how to bring fresh farm produce into our schoools.


Water Consumption –

A clever and engaging site that reveals a hidden secret about the water we consume. Hint – it doesn’t just come out of our faucets.