Moorestown Creates!

Sustainable Moorestown created the Sustainable Moorestown Arts Committee. The committee subsequently changed its name to “Moorestown Creates!”. This committee is a team of representatives from MooreArts, Moorestown Business Association, Moorestown Library, Moorestown Township Public Schools, Moorestown Theatre Company, Sustainable Moorestown, and Perkins Center for the Arts. The committee’s focus is to form a stronger community of creative people living and working in Moorestown, NJ by connecting, advocating for and informing Moorestown’s artistic community and help develop its unified voice. The committee developed a 2-part survey as their first step in identifying the breadth of Moorestown’s artistic community and creative industry businesses/organizations while also identifying some of the needs of this community. The survey is designed to be completed by currently practicing artists of all genre and the creative industry businesses based in Moorestown.

For more information about Moorestown Creates! see the MoorestownCreates Facebook Page.