Pompeston Creek Watershed Downspout Disconnect Program

Pompeston Creek Watershed Downspout Disconnect Program

The Water Resources Program at Rutgers University’s Cooperative Extension is looking to install 12 rain barrels at residences in the Pompeston Creek Watershed. The rain barrels will be provided and installed at no cost to the first 12 qualified homeowners by the Extension.

Applicable residences must (1) be in the Pompeston Creek Watershed and (2) have downspouts that carry rooftop runoff directly to the storm sewer system. Upon installation, the residential downspout will be disconnected from the storm sewer system and rerouted into the rain barrel. The rain barrels need to be installed by October 31st and this is a first come, first serve opportunity.

Please refer to photo to view the variety of rain barrels provided through the Downspout Disconnect Program.

    If you are interested in this opportunity:

1) Determine if your residence in the Pompeston Creek Watershed.
Click on the following link and type your address into the upper right window to determine if your address is within the Pompeston Creek Watershed.

2) Send your name and address to . We will verify your location, confirm your placement in the Downspout Disconnect Program, and then forward your information to the Water Resources Program who will contact you per arranging installation.


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