Holiday Light Recycling

Holiday Light Recycling

Sustainable Moorestown and Moorestown Hardware will make it easier for residents and non-residents to recycle their strands of holiday lights…yes, they can be recycled!

From now through the Holiday season, just bring your burnt out strands of holiday lights to the Moorestown Hardware store who has graciously agreed to serve as the community drop-off location for unwanted holiday lights.  Periodically throughout the season, a member of Sustainable Moorestown will bring the receptacle contents to the Burlington County Recovery Complex where the wiring will be recycled.

It really couldn’t be easier to responsibly dispose of your unwanted light strands.

But wait!  If it were easier to find the culprit on that blacked-out strand, would you?  Here’s a gadget that may easily accomplish this task.  We haven’t tried it out but they say it works.  Let us know if you try it at

Moorestown Hardware is located at 300 Mill St, Moorestown, NJ.  Phone: 856-235-0800.



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