Fall Town-Wide Yard Sale — October 8th, 2022!

Fall is officially here! As the sun sets quicker and the leaves start to change, what better time to get out, meet new people, and save the planet? Our Fall Town-Wide Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, October 8th, 2022 – rain or shine!

Sales take place in the comfort of your own home on the day. You set the hours you wish to be open and you select the hours you will be closed.

Registration is now online. Registration is not required, but if you like to be part of our advertising efforts, we recommend you do so. There will be a constantly updating map that will show all the locations that will be having a sale on the big day.

Have fun, save the environment and make a dollar or two while you are at it. We ask that you please register so we can advertise to all the participating households. We will post an online map approximately 1 week before the big day. Happy Selling!

The map of participating households is now live on this link here.

Please click here to register!


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