“Shift Your Shopping” Live Webinar

  • 12:30 PM
  • Moorestown Public Library

We’ll be in the library today to  bring you a live webinar from Be A Localist (a nationally-recognized non-profit promoting localism), on the topic of “Shifting Your Shopping” to locally-owned businesses this holiday season. If you’re a resident or business owner that wants to see a thriving retail environment, a lower tax burden and a stronger local economy, at this holiday season and year-round, come on out and join us at this free event!

This event is presented in conjunction with Towni Localistics who will be leading the introduction and discussion afterward so we can share our thoughts of what we watched and offer ideas of how Moorestown could get on board with such a campaign.

About Towni: Towni is a Moorestown-based platform for boosting the local economy and empowering great local non-profits. Find out more about them on their website and Facebook page.