Green Businesses

Help us celebrate our community’s sustainability superheroes!

Bacio Catering and Marketplace

Makes kitchen and food waste available for commercial composting, thereby diverting it from landfills.

In the US, food waste is the second largest category of municipal waste and represents 18% of the waste sent to landfills.  Currently, less than 3% of this waste is diverted.   When food waste is diverted from landfills to become compost, organic matter (looking just like soil) can be returned to the earth to improve soil structure and provide nutrients…and the cycle starts all over again.  A highly sustainable action that benefits waste management, land use, and the environment.

Oriental Pearl Restaurant

Makes waste oil available for pickup, which is then used in biodiesel engines.

Powell Energy

A full-service energy-efficiency provider, offering solar installation and home energy audits and retrofits.


Who have we missed? If you’re part of a Moorestown business or community group that has taken on a green initiative or otherwise keeps environmental concerns as a priority, we want to know about it! Fill in the form below, and we’ll include it above!